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The main objectives in the application of technologies and techniques for handling and preserving agricultural products after harvest and processing are:

Maintain product quality (shape, color, flavor, nutritional value ..)

Protection of food hygiene and safety

Reduce loss in harvesting and processing

Effective management of the harvesting process is better than the introduction of any complex treatment technology, which helps businesses achieve their goals. Depending on the production and business model, it is possible to use modern machinery and equipment, process the harvest by high technology or use simple, low-cost technology to be more suitable for small volumes. Each type of agricultural product has its own techniques and technologies in the process of harvesting and processing. Having mastered the basic techniques and technologies in harvesting agricultural products and the direct processing chain, Arofarm has accomplished the main goal of preserving product quality, ensuring food hygiene and safety, and reducing the minimum loss. in harvesting and processing agricultural products.