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The topography of Hai Phong is characterized by the midlands with hills in the north, the plain plain tilting to the sea in the south. Located in the tropical monsoon belt in Asia, So Hai Phong is influenced by monsoon. Hai Phong has a dense network of rivers, with an average density of 0.6 to 0.8 km per 1 km2.
With a variety of climatic and soil conditions. Arofarm has applied natural soil farming with mechanization – automation in production.
In addition, Arofarm also invested heavily in various types of plows, bed-making machines, seed nurseries, etc., thus reducing almost 70% of manual operations, related stages such as plowing, making beds, … are all done by machine. All stages of transporting materials, finished products or fertilizing are supported by machines. Thereby improving production productivity, ensuring project progress.
Understanding the importance and inevitable trend of mechanization in the future. Arofarm will continue to expand the material area, optimizing – digitizing some stages in production.
Arofarm implements upgraded mechanization measures according to 4.0 technology in agricultural management. Strictly control production stages