VietGAP standards
VietGAP (Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices), is a regulation on good agricultural production practices for agricultural and fishery products in Vietnam, including principles, order and procedures to guide organizations and individuals. producing, harvesting and preliminary processing to ensure safe products, improving product quality, ensuring social welfare, health of producers and consumers, protecting the environment and traceability of products.
Food Safety Standards
Agricultural food hygiene and safety standards are the most effective assessment criteria for consumer goods. Current standards for assessing food hygiene and safety are agricultural supplies, agro-forestry and fishery products, initial agro-forestry-fishery production establishments, food safety assurance conditions, and inspection. agro-forestry-food safety, certify the establishment of agro-forestry-foodstuff safety and food quality, agro-forestry-food safety supervision
HACCP standards
HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which are the principles used in establishing HACCP food safety management systems, are mandated by many countries around the world to apply in the process of production and processing. HACCP food is combined with maintaining production conditions (GMP) to improve the effectiveness of ensuring food quality and safety.


Apply technology and techniques to Agriculture

By completely changing fragmented and manual farming, Arofarm new technologies and techniques in cultivation, mechanization of production, in order to improve farming efficiency, shorten manual stages, and increase productivity. high and stable

Semi-automatic fresh pepper system

Water is an indispensable condition in agriculture. Therefore, Arofarm has built a semi-automatic irrigation system to take the initiative in providing moisture during plant development.

Expert in agricultural engineering

Be studied, study methodically. Experts in agricultural techniques have imparted cultivation experience, instructing workers how to care, harvest and preserve after cultivation.

Tropical climate, natural light

Understanding tropical climate is an open problem for agricultural development. Not only to choose the right plant variety, but also to take the initiative in taking care of during the planting process

The ingredients are always fresh

After harvesting, the source of raw materials is taken directly to production and preliminary processing. so always fresh

High quality products

The result of the whole process is to produce the final product with the highest quality