Chilli is a spice, medicinal or popular vegetable in the world, herbaceous, under woody, can live for several years, has many branches, smooth; leaves alternate, oblong, pointed; Flowers grow alone in the leaves.

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Origin: Viet Nam

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In chili contains a number of active substances: capsicaine is an alkaloid that accounts for about 0.05-2%, identified as isodexenic acid vanilylamit, characterized by evaporation at high temperatures, causing strong sneezing, chili types. Green rinds, small fruits have more capsaicin than other types. In addition, chili also contains many vitamins such as vitamin C, B1, B2, citric acid, malic acid, beta carotene …


1. Spicy seafood and marinate dishes, or eat them as a vegetable …
2. Chili peppers are often used to treat abdominal pain due to cold, poor digestion, joint pain, used in addition to cure snakebites bite …
3. Capsaicin in chili stimulates the brain to produce endorphins, an endogenous morphine, with properties like analgesics, which is especially helpful for patients with chronic arthritis and cancer. In addition, chili also helps prevent heart disease because it contains a number of active substances that help the blood to circulate well, avoiding platelet clotting, which can cause cardiovascular events. Chili also works to prevent hypertension …