Welcome to AROFARM

Vietnam Food Flavoring Co., Ltd has officially built the Arofarm project since September 2019. In the first phase of the Arofarm Project, large-scale investment in the field of farm production, the farms were Arofarm is planning and designing synchronously, applying new technologies and techniques to agricultural production, taking advantage of climate and soil accordingly. Arofarm has successfully built a clean raw material area with a tendency to create chains. evolved from Farm to Food. Along with being proactive in agricultural production, Arofarm has changed the minds of farmers on how to do pure agriculture, completely changing the face of a barren land. Although having just implemented the project, Arofarm has been supported by the local authorities and partners to bring the clean and safe agricultural products into food production and processing. The initial success of Arofarm has created momentum for expanding the scale, applying trials of many new crop varieties, not only for production but also for the supply of clean agricultural products to domestic and national markets. International. contribute to the development of the local agriculture and the whole agriculture nationwide.


Apply technology and techniques to Agriculture

By completely changing fragmented and manual farming, Arofarm new technologies and techniques in cultivation, mechanization of production, in order to improve farming efficiency, shorten manual stages, and increase productivity. high and stable

Semi-automatic fresh pepper system

Water is an indispensable condition in agriculture. Therefore, Arofarm has built a semi-automatic irrigation system to take the initiative in providing moisture during plant development.

Expert in agricultural engineering

Be studied, study methodically. Experts in agricultural techniques have imparted cultivation experience, instructing workers how to care, harvest and preserve after cultivation.

Tropical climate, natural light

Understanding tropical climate is an open problem for agricultural development. Not only to choose the right plant variety, but also to take the initiative in taking care of during the planting process

The ingredients are always fresh

After harvesting, the source of raw materials is taken directly to production and preliminary processing. so always fresh

Chất lượng sản phẩm cao

Kết quả của toàn bộ quá trình là đưa ra sản phẩm cuối cùng với chất lượng cao nhất



Can Arofarm help you?

We are proud to have successfully built raw material areas to ensure production, quality assurance, food safety and hygiene, for your own safety and health.

Arofarm let you see the future of Agriculture?

Change and eliminate pure agriculture, not bring productivity and quality to work towards a high-tech agriculture, improve and improve the quality of life. For safety, health for yourself, family and society, Arofarm creates the future.

You want advice on agricultural knowledge?

With a team of experienced technicians in the field of Agriculture, we hope to be able to answer your questions, advice on cultivation techniques for you. Sharing knowledge to jointly “succeed".

Want to become an Arofarm partner?

We are always ready to be your partner to cooperate and develop agriculture